Nature Vs. Man-Made (Wood)

This is a bit less of a stretch than yesterday’s post on (sort of) abstract animals. I was going to do two different posts featuring wood texture, one in nature and one in man-made structures.

But when I reviewed the images again, I realized that two of the natural ones were pretty boring and two of the man-made ones were really similar to each other. So I am just taking the best three of the bunch and making one (hopefully better) post.

The first two images were taken out of the window while we were traveling on the Rocky Mountaineer. It was during a relatively slow stretch, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get anything decently in focus. Just some really cool old wood on an abandoned structure.

The last image is also from Canada, but not shot from a moving window. This was a tree by Lake Agnes that I noticed in between my (mostly) futile attempts to capture the flighty Rocky Mountain bluejay. So much easier capturing stationary objects.

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