Icy White Stuff

On Monday the high temperature was 57 degrees. It was drizzling when we headed out for a walk in the morning, but we sucked it up because we knew it would be our last walk for the year. By the time evening rolled around it had started to rain in earnest and then the rain turned to snow as the temperature proceeded to plummet 40 degrees. Minnesota giveth and Minnesota taketh away.

By Tuesday morning our driveway was a sheet of ice. I emptied two containers of Ice Melt on it and barely put a dent in the skating rink. I didn’t really want to leave the house, but we needed to venture out for food so we stopped at Target on the way. Surprisingly, they still had stock in Ice Melt. We picked up two twenty pound bags.

I went out again yesterday morning and spread another twenty pounds of Ice Melt. Then I spent an hour in the afternoon scraping up the melting ice with a shovel. Even after all that, there was still a wide band of ice at the bottom of the driveway, as well as a few scattered patches here and there. I made a third pass with the Ice Melt, hoping I could finish the job today. I almost cried when I saw the fresh dusting of snow.

Last winter we had a lot less snow than average, but experienced several occurrences of freezing rain. I hope this isn’t turning into a trend. I’m a native Minnesotan, I can deal with snow, it’s part of my DNA. Freezing rain is a nightmare. Especially next winter when we’ll be dealing with a much steeper driveway. If this keeps up, I’ll need to start buying Ice Melt in bulk.

In honor of my battle with icy conditions this week, I’m featuring a few images from our helicopter trip to the glaciers in Juneau. Our driveway wasn’t quite this bad, but you get the idea.

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