Careful What You Ask For

One week ago I wrote about how we were waiting for our builder to provide us with an updated estimate for the cost of our new home. Last Thursday he finally came through and now I’m almost wishing he hadn’t. That dream I had about the specific over budget number turned out to be frighteningly accurate.

I felt physically sick most of the day Thursday, trying to get my head around it. I almost canceled my planned dinner with my friend Jane, as I thought I would be in too lousy of a mood to really enjoy it. Of course it turned out to be the best thing I could have done, laughing and catching up with a dear friend.

The food was outstanding and we had a fantastic server. It made me forget that we now have absolutely no budget left to do any landscaping. The house itself is 15% over what we allocated when we started building and about 25% over what we originally wanted to spend. I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do at this point.

My current strategy is to not really think about it and pray for a big lottery win. Today I’m featuring some of the outstanding scenery we enjoyed during our trip on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Banff. Because when you feel like shit is falling down around your ears, you need to hold on to the really good things.

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