Day at the Conservatory

I just realized I never followed up with a post on my visit to the Como Conservatory with my mom on her birthday. I better get on that before she nags me about not posting, like she did after her birthday last year. The motivation for going was to see the fall flower show in the sunken garden. That turned out to be the least interesting part.

The fall flowers were mums, lots and lots of mums, mostly purple. The overall effect was nice, but I’m not a huge fan of mums and there weren’t really great photo ops in that room. There was a fountain and pool with lily pads, which featured some nice reflections. While the fall flowers weren’t particularly impressive, the rest of the conservatory was gorgeous. I was especially inspired by the fern room, which was cooler and less humid than the tropical rooms. Definitely the model for our new conservatory.

Of course the real point of the day was to spend time with my mom, who was rocking a cool, new haircut. Still beautiful and stylish at 76 – I hope I can emulate that. After our conservatory visit, we headed to downtown Minneapolis for lunch. Since it was a Sunday afternoon and the Vikings were playing, we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves. They still managed to screw up my mom’s lunch, leaving out 3 of the 4 ingredients in her risotto and reducing it to a bland mix of rice and mushrooms.

They fixed it, of course, and gave her another healthy shot of wine to drink while she waited. By the time we finished lunch and started walking back to the car, my mom was more than a little buzzed. Completely adorable. She even stopped and posed for a photo with Sasquatch outside of Target Center. All in all, it was a lovely day.

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