Sonoma (Aug 22)

Race day!  Always exciting and a little nerve-wracking.  Since we had failed to demonstrate the ability to arise before 8 AM unaided, I had set the alarm for 7.  I was convinced I heard it go off at 6:30.  One thing I’ve noticed since I stopped working is that on the rare occasion when I have to set an alarm clock, I tend to get lousy sleep and always wake up before the alarm goes off.

We had scoped out a diner close to the square that opened early, so we headed there for breakfast.  Tim had a short stack – 2 pancakes that were each larger than a dinner plate.  I ordered cinnamon roll french toast, naively believing that it would be cinnamon bread made into french toast.  It was 4 actual cinnamon rolls that had been prepared as french toast (buttered and fried) and covered with frosting.  Probably the highest calorie count I’ve ever had for breakfast.  (Yes, it tasted great but I’m not sure it was worth the guilt factor)

By the time we got to the track around 9:30 there was already a group of Target people there, including my TTS buddies.  It was great to see everyone and get caught up.  The race started with a very scary moment when Dan Wheldon flipped his car right after the green flag.  He was fine, but it always scares the hell out of me when a car gets upside down.  Especially when you know and really like the driver.

There was a lot of great passing and it was a fun race to watch except for one small problem.  Will Power won, again.  We are now 59 points out of the lead with only 4 races to go.

Race results – Scott 2nd, Dario 3rd.

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