Post Cruise Pondering

I’ve always been very resistant to the idea of cruise vacations. When we booked our family trip to Alaska, it was a no-risk way of trying one out. I didn’t pick the cruise, so no ownership of the outcome, and the main point was to spend time with family, so we would accomplish that even if the cruise itself was a bust.

Turns out, there were a number of things I found amusing about the cruise. One was the changing day of the week on the elevator carpets. It totally makes sense, as it’s easy to lose track of the day while you’re on the ship, but it made me wonder – did one person run around and change all of them? Or do a squadron of people appear at the stroke of midnight and switch them out?

Another aspect I loved was the daily towel animals provided with the turndown service. I looked forward to getting back to our cabin and seeing what had been left on the bed. I’m not sure how the whole towel animal thing got started, but it was honestly one of my favorite parts of the trip. Silly, I know. In honor of recognizing the quirky parts of cruising, I’m featuring some of the quirkier photos from the trip.

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