Glacier Bay – 9/20

Glacier Bay is a unique part of the cruise experience. It’s not considered “at sea,” but it’s not in port either. It’s a day spent slowing cruising through the bay, enjoying the scenery from the the comfort of your cabin. Once again, the day did not get off to an auspicious start. When I woke up, the only thing visible from our window was a solid bank of fog. But by the time we entered Glacier Bay, the skies were blue. Once again, we beat the odds for Alaska in September.

The rest of the family hung out in our cabin for most of the morning, having breakfast on the veranda and watching the stunning scenery drift by. We ran to the hotdog/burger restaurant next to the pool for lunch and then returned for more in-cabin sightseeing. We saw a number of otters and watched a couple of dramatic glacier calving episodes. The slow pace allowed us to watch a couple of movies in our cabin, after the rest of the family moved on to other activities.

Tonight was another gala night on the ship, so we decided to “dress up” and eat in the dining room. My husband broke out his travel day uniform of button down shirt and jacket and I threw a fancy little silk shawl (purchased on Granville Island) over my t-shirt and flowy black pants. Not exactly black tie, but enough to pass muster for gala night in the dining room.

We arrived minutes after the dinner service started and this time we made sure to request a table by ourselves. They seated us at a table next to a window at the very back of the ship. It’s a good thing neither one of us suffers from motion sickness. The food was spectacular, possibly even surpassing our meal at Tamarind.

We returned to find an adorable little towel dog on our bed as part of our turn down service. The animals get more elaborate every day. We topped off our evening with another movie in our cabin.

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