Juneau – 9/18

Our second night on the ship was marked by some pretty rough seas. Enough to make me stagger when I made a trip to the bathroom. We also changed time zones and set the clocks back an hour. The day started gloomy and raining, but we saw dolphins and a whale on our way into port. We also saw a pair of eagles just before we docked and another pair just after. Not a bad start to the day.

Finally, our first day in port! For Juneau, the “guys,” meaning the three men plus myself, had booked a helicopter ride. The girls went on a whale watching tour and nature walk. With seven people, it’s hard to find an activity that interests everyone, so every shore excursion ended up being a 3/4 split. We had a pretty heavy overcast, but it didn’t detract from our experience.

The helicopter tour was a “Pilot’s Choice” that included two glacier landings. Both were spectacular. The first was on the Herbert Glacier, where the two helicoptors from our tour company were the only ones that landed. The second was the Mendenhall, which is probably the most famous and most popular glacier near Juneau. It was helicopter rush hour. Still totally worth it.

Our helicopter tour was relatively short, so we spent some time in a local bar post tour. Then we reconnected with the rest of the family before returning to the ship. Tonight was not a gala night, so the whole family met for dinner in the dining room. The food was great and we went through three bottles of wine. A nice intro to Alaska.

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