Embarkation – 9/16

Since our cruise was not scheduled to start boarding until noon, we waited as long as possible to check out of our hotel. It took three taxis to transport all of us to the cruise terminal. I was pretty impressed with the logistics. They collect your luggage as soon as you exit the taxi and then you are seated in rows to await check-in. We waited as a group, but since my husband and I were staying in a larger cabin, we got expedited treatment once our group was called.

Since the cruise originated from Canada, we had to clear US Customs to board. Because we have Global Entry, my husband and I were able to bypass most of the line and were actually in our cabin around 1:00, with our bags delivered soon afterward. We were greeted by a complimentary bottle of champagne, which we drank while unpacking. Once we were all onboard, we met for cocktails by the pool. There were very few children on the ship, so Nola was a big hit with the crew, especially in her mermaid dress.

Even though it was a little chilly, Nola couldn’t wait to hit the pool. She is a true water baby at heart. Hence, the mermaid dress.Seriously, how can anyone possibly resist this charming face?

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