Vancouver – 9/15

We arrived at MSP four hours early for our flight to Vancouver on 9/14. Not because we’re super paranoid (although we kind of are) but because my husband’s sister and her husband were due to arrive on their flight from Memphis. Of course, since they had a long connection, their flight was early. Figures. We hung out in the Delta lounge until it was time to board our flight to Vancouver.

By the time we arrived at our hotel it was after 8:00 pm and we expected Nola to be in bed. Nope. She was much too excited about the arrival of her aunts and uncles. She had donned a festive mermaid dress for the occasion. We didn’t have any plans for our first full day in Vancouver, so we kept things pretty low key with a trip to Granville Island via water taxi. Island is a bit of a misnomer here, as it’s actually a peninsula in False Creek, which is an inlet that separates downtown from the rest of Vancouver.

Granville Island is mostly a big market, so naturally we shopped. And we ate. It’s hard to keep a group of seven together, so we relied on texting to keep reconnecting. Then we took another water taxi and walked through a section of downtown Vancouver to Gastown, the oldest neighborhood. The most notable sighting was a large, middle-aged woman wearing outrageous hooker garb. Gastown is an odd combination of tourists, homeless people and colorful characters. We stopped for a round of drinks, mostly because we all needed to get off our feet and use the toilet.

We walked to the port to check out where we would be boarding our cruise ship the next day. Then we hopped in a couple of taxis and made our way back to the hotel. The evening’s activities consisted of doing a mutual load of laundry and purchasing wine to bring on the cruise ship. (You are allowed one bottle per person) Since we had a big, late lunch, our dinner ended up being snacks shared in one of the hotel suites. Overall, a beautiful day reconnecting with family and seeing a bit of the city, but pretty light on photo ops.

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