Sonoma (Aug 21)

We decided to go a little more upscale for breakfast and eat at a place where they actually wait on you and refill your coffee.  This required a bit of stalling, since the one place we found on the square didn’t open until 10 AM (Sat & Sun only).  The food was awesome, but the host had an incredible unibrow and it was really hard not to stare at it.  We arrived at the track just before morning practice and took the long shuttle ride from the parking lot to the pits.  The great food trend continued with an outstanding lunch at hospitality.  We have an ongoing joke that we only go to races for the food.

We were able to bum a ride back to the pits for qualifying with our new friend Tim Bucher, who was test driving an electric ATV for the weekend.  This is definitely a track that requires a personal transportation device for getting around efficiently.  We qualified okay – Dario 3rd and Scott 6th.  Unfortunately Will Power got the pole AGAIN!  Curse him!

On the plus side, Tim loaded us up with olive oil and vinegar from his other business – Dry Creek Olive Company.  It helped ease the sting.  I will be making some kick butt salad dressing when we get home.

I ran out and took a few photos of the lane and vineyards right around our cottage after we got back from dinner.  Here are two of my favorites.

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