Sonoma (Aug 19)

Sonoma has a cute little town center around a square.  It’s sort of an upscale version of Prescott, AZ.  Unfortunately, most of the restaurants around the square didn’t open until lunch.  We were only able to find 2 that served breakfast – both were the order at a counter and they bring it to the table variety.  Both were tiny.  Both were packed.  We were able to grab a table at one by having Tim sit while I waited in line to order.  We were hungry and dying for caffeine, the restaurant did not disappoint.

The day started with a heavy overcast that gradually burned off.  Since we didn’t really have a plan, we just drove to the coast and headed north up Pacific Coast Highway 1.  The first few stops we made were sunny but then we kept running into large patches of fog that obscured our view of the ocean.  It got to be a joke after a while.  Every time we went a little inland it would be sunny and every time we got close to the ocean it would be foggy.  So Tim entertained us by driving really fast (meaning doing the speed limit) for most of the drive.  PCH 1 is one of those incredibly twisty, curvy highways with lots of blind corners and a speed limit of 55.  It takes both the right car and the right driver to pull off 55 for the majority of the drive.  This would not be me.  Most of the other drivers were polite enough to pull over and let the General pass when we started looming large in their rear view mirror.

These two photos were taken at our first (sunny) stop – Bodega Bay.  The pink and white stripe building is Patrick’s Salt Water Taffy.  (Yes, it’s delicious)

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