Missing Mouse Mystery and Other Kitten Tails

I love Ripley, but he can be a total shit at times. The other day I came home from working out to find my socks laying in the hallway. These were not dirty socks, mind you. This was a rolled pair of clean socks that I had left on the bed with some other clean clothes I planned to change into after showering. I have no idea how he unrolled them.

That was nothing compared to what I found later on. I keep a rounded pillow under our comforter to put under my knees when I sleep. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks, but for some reason just yesterday Ripley decided it was an alien creature and attacked it through the comforter. I know this because I found dozens of small holes in our duvet, right over where the pillow was sitting.

Oh sure, he’s adorable when he’s sleeping. But awake he can be a little one kitty power machine of mass destruction. Later in the day I noticed that the shirt I had left out with the socks also had a series of small holes chewed/clawed in it. Fortunately, it’s just an old t-shirt. And the duvet, while quite expensive when I bought it, is over fifteen years old and not compatible with the interior design of our new home. Instead of being donated when we move, it’s now going into the dumpster, which is a shame.

Hopefully when we move, we’ll find the location of his secret mouse stash. At least four of them have disappeared somewhere in a relatively small area. He has an addiction to these little deer hair mice, but he seems to lose them within hours of getting a new one. I just hope he grows out of his destructive ways before we move into our new home.

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