Crazy Kitty Antics

Ripley has been alternating between sleeping in the bed with us and sleeping alone. Sometimes on the bathroom mat (heated floor) and sometimes on a bench in our bedroom. Early Sunday morning, just before 5:00, I got up to use the bathroom. I didn’t see him anywhere, but he made an appearance while I was using the toilet.

Of course he followed me back to bed. I fell back asleep and woke up to find him under the covers with his tail by my feet and his head uncomfortably close to my private parts. I spent what seemed like an eternity laying perfectly still, willing him not to go after any sensitive areas with his teeth or claws. I finally got up the courage to pull back the covers. Ripley stared up at me, with his head sitting on his paws, looking utterly adorable.

Life with Ripley has made simple household tasks considerably more challenging. He loves “helping” me make the bed. By that I mean he attacks the sheets, both as I’m taking off the old ones and putting on the new ones. Inevitably, he ends up underneath either the sheet or the comforter. He also likes to tangle with the clean sheets while I’m folding them.

I was never great at folding sheets, but having a cat attack them during the process has raised the level of difficulty significantly. It can be frustrating at times, but it’s also absolutely hysterical. I’ve never laughed so hard while making the bed before. I’ll sacrifice efficiency for humor any day.

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