Off to Sonoma

We are heading out to Sonoma this afternoon.  I booked a VRBO cottage in a vineyard just outside of Sonoma.  It seemed like a better bet than paying $165 a night for a Comfort Inn.  This will be our first VRBO experience.  I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from people who have booked accommodations through VRBO, so I’m hopeful.  This race is a huge Target event with 400 people expected on race day.  That’s actually the main reason we’ve never gone to this race before.  There is a big contingency coming from TTS, so I may sneak into the tent and say hi to a few people.

I’m not taking my laptop.  It’s pretty big and doesn’t fit into my rolling carry-on bag, so it’s staying home.  I expect to experience some withdrawal from going offline for a week.  But I’m bringing the fancy notebook my husband bought me for Christmas to take notes for my blog.  So I’ll be doing some catch-up posting from Chicago.  (We are only home for 24 hours between these two trips and I’m afraid that laundry needs to take priority over blogging for that day)

Here’s a random photo for the day.  This is from the Phoenix zoo trip that convinced me to switch to digital.  It looks like some exotic little tropical village, but it’s just fake scenery for the Costa Rica exhibit at the zoo.  For some reason that makes me like it more that if it were real.

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