So Now, What?

On May 28th, ten days before my 46th birthday and less than a month before what would have been my 24th anniversary with Target Corporation, I “retired.”  I use the word retired because I did not leave to take another job, nor do I intend to ever work in a traditional job again.  In the spirit of that intent, my director and HR were kind enough to throw me a really classy and very fun retirement party.  With cake.  (I use the quotation marks around the word retired because the government doesn’t officially recognize retirement before the age of 55.  So consider it sort of a CYA, if you will.)

When I announced my retirement, I received one of two reactions from people.  The first was along the lines of “I hate you/I’m so jealous” and the second was some variation of “Take me with you.”    So I think it’s fair to say that the idea of a really early retirement appeals to a lot of people.  Of course it leads to an obvious question – what next?  This blog is part of the answer.  I would never have made the time to do something like this while I was working.  I also have a lot of ambitious travel plans and the desire to do a lot more with my photography.  That feels like enough for the short term.  Maybe in a year or so I’ll need something else.  Or maybe not.

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