The Proof is in the Printing

The books arrived relatively quickly and overall they looked really good. I had ponied up for the super expensive deep matte paper and it makes the images really pop. Unfortunately, one of them had a tiny flaw on one image, likely caused by a bit of debris on the paper during printing. I photographed the problem and sent an email off to customer service.

The other slight issue was with the color. Almost every image was a bit off. The blues were a little purple. It wasn’t anything you’d notice unless you were comparing the book images to my set of prints, but it wasn’t quite right. I had requested no color correction, as I had used “print ready” images. Maybe that was a bad call. Fortunately, it was now Black Friday and even deeper discounts were on offer. I quickly ordered another copy with color correction in a slightly larger size.


This is one of the horizontals I turned vertical. I have a few of these that feature the green (patio chair) and for some reason most of them looked better as verticals. Go figure.