Let’s Get Vertical

The third and final day of class was scheduled to run until 3:00. Our goal was to get out by noon so we could both be back home before dark. The first day of class had ended with a coating of ice on my car and the third day started with four inches of powdery snow. I was grateful for the pair of boots I tossed in the car before leaving home.

I had only two goals for the final day of class. First, print out my last three images so I would have a full set of 8×10 prints of the portfolio. Second, be the first student to print my two large images. Surely that would be achievable in three hours. We were a little late getting to class, as we started out the day with breakfast at Betty’s Pies and they didn’t open until 8:00. I hadn’t accounted for the time needed to brush snow off my car, so we didn’t quite make the opening bell.


But hey, Betty’s Pies for breakfast. A girl’s got to have her priorities. Today we switch to the vertical perspective. I present for your approval, Sforzando.