Last of the Horizontals

I forgot to mention that after I produced my second round of prints and was comparing them to the first ones, the instructor came over and looked at them with me. When I had been working on the landscape image, he had lots of feedback on color correcting and darkening/lightening certain areas of the image. The abstracts pretty much just left him speechless.

In the end, all he could manage was something along the lines of “these look pretty good.” Understatement of the year. Jane told me he was whispering to his friend about them and was clearly impressed, he just didn’t have the vocabulary to offer any constructive advice. Which was great, given how shitty he was at doing that for the other students.


I’ve just realized that my apparent random order of featured images has resulted in all of the horizontal compositions coming first. We are midway through the portfolio with Fortissimo. The remaining 12 images are all vertical. Don’t ask me how that happened.