Adding a Hint of Green

The instructor laid my first round of prints out on a table and “helped” me sort and select 12 for additional work. He gave me some other completely useless, bullshit advice about creating a portfolio. I pretty much shut him out after that. I tweaked the images (mostly lightening them) and did a second round of prints. They were gorgeous.

It didn’t take long before I could pretty much get a printable copy on the first try. By the end of the day I had 22 prints ready to go. I went back to the cabin that night and worked up an additional three, getting me to the required number of 25. Why was that the magic number? Because it’s the minimum requested amount for a submission to Lenswork magazine.


That’s right baby, we’re going for the big time. The hint of green in Pasticcio is courtesy of another patio chair.