Get Close From Far

I quickly discovered that I got better results when I used a longer lens and stood back from the sculpture, allowing the telephoto to work its compression magic. In the end, nothing shorter than 150mm made the cut and many of the stronger images were in the 250-300mm range. My Sigma 100-400mm got quite a workout.

As I mentioned, the sculpture is entirely shades of blue and steel. The orange color you see in the previous images was a bit of serendipity. We had a pair of orange chairs in front of the far side of the workshop and I picked up a bit of it as I moved around the sculpture. I liked the effect so much that I picked up the chairs and tilted them behind the sculpture.


This is one of my favorite images from the series. In addition to the orange element, which I introduced, you’ll notice shades of purple and pink in some of the images. I have no idea how that happened, it’s just part of the magic.