How I Got Here

I took a class in abstract photography over the summer. It was just five sessions long, which was good because I might have strangled the instructor if it had lasted any longer. Don’t get me wrong, he was a very nice man and a decent photographer, just a really lousy instructor. I spent the whole first session wondering if they had just sprung the class on him with an hour’s notice and he didn’t have time to prepare.

When a friend inquired as to why *I* was taking a photography class, my response was that it forced me to use my camera. Which I hadn’t been very diligent about lately. House and everything, you know. So, while I can’t say I actually learned anything in the class, it proved to be a creative rebirth. Time and money well spent.


This is Crescendo, the second image in the series. The portfolio as a whole is titled “Symphony of Color,” hence the fancy pants musical terms for each of the images.