Crazy Lady in Target

We needed to get a few things from Target and didn’t have a chance to stop yesterday. Since Saturday at Target is always a shit show, we decided to go early this morning. Not early enough, apparently, since there were a disturbingly large number of cars in the parking lot less than twenty minutes after they opened.

I only needed a few things, so I largely stood by the cart, browsing on my phone while my husband did his shopping. From several aisles away, I could hear a woman holding a loud, one sided conversation with some hapless team member. She’s a fixtures at this particular Target on Saturday mornings. I felt sorry for her captive audience.

As I am standing by the cart talking to my husband, shaking our heads over this craziness, a woman approaches us and starts talking about the crazy lady. If she had just made a comment and walked on, I would have thought nothing of it. But she kept talking and sharing a lot of personal information, including showing me a photo of herself before she lost a tremendous amount of weight.

My husband beat a hasty retreat to continue shopping, but I had to stick by the cart, nodding along to this woman’s dialogue. She finally wandered off. As we headed to check out, we couldn’t help but wonder how she failed to see the irony in criticizing someone else for crazy talk and how long it would be before she was the one yelling at team members on a Saturday morning. Maybe she’s just waiting for the current crazy lady to die, so she can assume the crown.

I Touched My Camera

I had a YPC photo shoot yesterday. That’s the first time I’ve used a camera since February. Which, coincidentally, was also for a YPC photo shoot. The creative muse has flown the coop. The photo shoot was a total shit show. It was a large cast of teenagers with zero attention spans. The actual director couldn’t attend, so someone else was reading through his notes and attempting to direct the photo shoot. Multiple costume changes were involved.

It took twice the normal time and I was completely exhausted at the end. At least the season is over now and I won’t have to do another one of these until September. By which time I hope to have a semblance of a life back. Meanwhile, rapid progress on our new home continues. We had a low voltage walk-thru on Tuesday, discussing the division of work between my husband and the company that did the wiring. We kept dodging drywallers, painters and trim guys.

We rented a truck yesterday in order to transport my husband’s tools to the site today, so they could be loaded into the workshop. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the 500 lb table saw up the ramp into the truck, so that’s staying in our garage for now. Our builder is going to contact some movers to see if they can get it loaded for us. My husband needs to get going on his woodworking projects for the house.

I’m still vacillating between elation and terror on the house. We’ll make the show, but that first weekend will be a scramble and there will still be a lot of work going on afterward. It’s not going to start settling down until the end of July. Everyone keeps telling us it will be worth it in the end. I hope so.

I Hate Utilities

I received our final Phoenix bill from Southwest Gas last week and was somewhat disturbed to find that they had charged us through April 26th, rather than April 10th, when I requested the service be terminated. I filled out their “contact us” form online to inquire about this seemingly obvious mistake. The response to my note was “call our customer service number.”

Great. I really wanted to avoid waiting in a call queue and having to speak to a human, particularly a human working for a utility monopoly. When I did get through to someone, the “explanation” I received consisted of some bullshit along the lines of “no one was home, so we couldn’t do the final meter reading on that date and just sent you the bill at the end of the cycle.” Huh? So, to recap, they read the meter remotely on all occasions except when you terminate service and then they need physical access to the meter?

Nothing about my service termination request (for which I received an email confirmation) suggested that was a requirement. No effort was made to contact me about this so-called need. I call bullshit. But just try arguing with a utility. They didn’t take a reading when they were supposed to, so we’re fucked. The bill for the whole month was $40, so we’re out roughly $20. No, it’s not a big deal and I don’t feel like wasting any more time, energy or righteous indignation over it. But it still really pisses me off. I hate utilities.

We’re in the Show

As I’ve mentioned previously, our new home is supposed to be featured in an upcoming home tour, hence the remarkable progress being made recently. I’ve checked the tour’s website a number of times and only found the list/profiles of the featured builders/remodelers. Until yesterday.

There’s now an online brochure for the tour, as well as web pages for each of the featured homes. So, I guess that definitively answers the question as to whether or not our house will be done by June 8th. Spoiler alert – it actually won’t be done done. It will be done enough for the occupancy permit and to look good for show, but there will still be work remaining.

There’s a triage process and things that don’t absolutely need to be done for the show won’t be done. Things like our roof deck and sauna, both of which were called out in the description of the house. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, apparently. I thought I would be excited when the brochure came out, instead I find myself annoyed and a little bit terrified.

Annoyed because of the errors and some grammatically awkward sentences in the description, and terrified because there’s still so much work left to be done. I’m hoping to get to the excited stage in the near future.