One Last Round in the Heat

There’s nothing quite like going from 9 inches of snow to 90 degree temps. Both suck, in their own special way. We arrived in Phoenix yesterday afternoon. The rest of the day was consumed by hauling furniture from the second and third floors down to the garage, in preparation for a charity pick-up today. The only really sticky moment was when we got the desk down to the landing between the second and first floor and weren’t really sure how to get it past that point. After a brief moment of panic, we managed to sort it out.

Of course the charity organization wouldn’t give us a specific time for the pick-up today. Fortunately, they are only a few minutes away, so we were their first stop. They showed up at 9:30 and had everything loaded in less than 20 minutes. Then we had an appointment with a traveling notary at 10:00. The title company sent her to our house when I told them we didn’t know when we could leave the house. So by 10:15 am, our schedule was clear. On to the packing.

Since we had busted our butts the last two trips, it wasn’t a terrible day. We packed as much as we could and we ordered pizza. We moved more things into the garage and we straightened up in anticipation of the final walk-through tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is our “down” day, since we’re attending the IndyCar race, which won’t leave us time to do much else. We’re going to need it.