Just Another Dusting

We received a tiny dusting of snow early this morning. That was followed up by rain the rest of the day. I guess it was inevitable, since my car is clean. At least it’s not rain turning into snow, followed by ice.

Despite all my big talk, I spent very little time out photographing the snow this winter. Since April is less than a week away, that window is closing. I blame the house. But then, I blame the house for everything.

Stress, weight gain, shoulder injury, anger issues. This house building thing has pretty much pushed me to my limits. I fired off a tersely worded (email) novel on Saturday, listing all of the decisions we still have to make. Of course it got forwarded it to a larger audience.

I’m just over it. There is still a ton of work left to do and just over ten weeks remain until the show. Meanwhile, I’m trying to wrap up everything that needs to happen before we close on our house in Phoenix in just two weeks. In honor of this morning’s dusting and all the images not taken this winter, I’m featuring a few more from my late December outing in the yard. Bring on the spring.