Losing the Circus Tent

While we were busy getting ready to sell our house in Phoenix, work on our home here continued briskly. Most significantly, the last areas of siding are now going up, covering the yellow insulation. The stair tower and the northwest corner of the house were completed this week. Based on their progress so far, I’m hoping it will be finished by the end of next week. Unfortunately, they managed to disconnect our internet in the process, so we haven’t seen updated solar numbers since Wednesday afternoon.

The drywall has been hung in the basement and on the main level. We need another delivery before they can start on the second floor. The tile has been completed in the main house, except for grouting the master bath. Speaking of which, the waterproofing for the master shower has been installed. The epoxy flooring in the workshop is also in progress. Apparently, solid white is the toughest one to do, so it’s taking them a while to get it right.

Meanwhile, we are deep into the weeds on some (seemingly) minor details. This week’s biggest debate has involved vent covers. You know, those things that go over the air ducts? Most people have plain metal ones or wood, if they want to get fancy. Not us. Once we found out that flush mount wasn’t really an option (because we didn’t specify them during framing), we settled on a cool design. There’s still a number of minor design choices to finalize, as well as some material options. But it’s definitely dwindling. Which is good, because we have just under 11 weeks to go.