Transfer Case Woes

We arrived home from Phoenix late Tuesday night. My first task for Wednesday (after picking up the beast), was to get my Cayenne to the dealership to find out what was wrong with her. Good news – it didn’t take them long to diagnose the problem. Bad news – it was an expensive repair that required a part to be sent overnight. Good news – it was covered under the warranty.

The transfer case needed to be replaced. Since this is a massively expensive repair for an expensive vehicle with less than 20,000 miles on it, I googled it when I got home (via a loaner Cayenne). Seems like this has been a problematic part for Porsche due to some design issue. So I quizzed the service guy when I picked up my baby this afternoon.

He admitted they had been performing transfer case replacements with alarming regularity over the last few years, but assured me that the problem had been addressed and that I should now be fine. I certainly hope so, because I do not want to be facing a $4000 repair after the warranty runs out. For now my baby is back and purring like a kitten. She’s also the cleanest she’s been all winter. That won’t last.