Another Brutal Round

Once again we managed to accomplish well over a week’s worth of work in a little over three days. I actually got to take a shower a full two hours before the cab was scheduled to arrive this time. We caught a bit of a break because the people buying our home decided to buy most of the furniture, so we didn’t have that to deal with. The remaining pieces (primarily the guest bedroom furniture and a desk and chair) will all go to charity.

We were so wiped out after working all day Saturday that we crawled into bed at 7:30 pm. Consequently we were awake at 3:00 am on Sunday. That trend shifted slightly over the next few days, with a 4:30 am rising yesterday and 5:30 am today. During those days I managed to pack 15 paintings, 2 mirrors, 2 large and oddly shaped pieces and around 30 boxes. I also took two car loads of stuff to charity.

Today I stripped the bed in the guest bedroom and bagged up most of the linens, towels and bathroom rugs. I now have 4 large plastic bags in addition to the furniture earmarked for charity. The only things not packed are a few kitchen essentials, limited articles of clothing and one set of sheets and towels for us to use when we come back in April.

I can honestly say there wasn’t anything I planned on doing that didn’t get done. It would have been nice to eat out once, instead of relying solely on delivery for meals, but that’s a minor quibble. We only have a few days to wrap things up in April, but I’m totally ready for it. I just wish I could say the same thing about the new house.