Once More, With Feeling

We took my dad on a tour of our new house today. He hadn’t seen it since the basement floor was poured last summer. I think he was impressed, but honestly, it’s hard to say. At one point when we were driving around afterward, I noticed my car seemed to be behaving oddly. It would lurch when accelerating at low speed.

Great, just what I need to deal with. But not today. We dropped off the beast just before 5:00 pm and headed to the airport for our flight to Phoenix. Fortunately, we just made the train to the main terminal. Then we just caught the tram. Things were starting to look up. Or so I could hope.

Our flight to Phoenix was smooth and landed on time. The airport was way less crazy then when I arrived in February and we were at our house just before 10:00 pm. So this is it. The last big push before we come back to close on the house. I have just under four days to get everything packed and ready to go. It’s gonna be gonzo. I’m ready.