Poor Little Kitty Cat

When I picked up Ripley from boarding last Tuesday morning he was totally fine. He even snuggled with me later in the afternoon, forgoing his usual “I hate you for abandoning me to that evil place” snit that lasts for a day or two after he comes home. He sneezed a bit more than normal on Thursday, but I chalked that up to my cleaning and stirring up dust before leaving for Phoenix.

By Friday it became apparent that he was under the weather. The sneezing was frequent and explosive. I called the vet Saturday morning to see about bringing him in, but based on his symptoms they didn’t think it was urgent, so I made an appointment for Monday afternoon. By late Saturday he was spraying when he sneezed, rubbing his nose frequently and napping on me for longer and longer periods.

Our sweet little fur ball picked up a cold while he was boarding. I felt terrible for him. There’s nothing worse than a poor little defenseless creature who feels miserable and doesn’t know why. It wasn’t a fun weekend for either of us. Monday morning the clinic called and asked about his symptoms. Since he was clearly suffering from a cold and not displaying any significantly worrisome symptoms, they advised that it wasn’t really necessary to bring him in.

It was a relief, because Ripley hates getting in his carrier and I really didn’t want to stress him more while he was sick. I ran the shower extra hot and long yesterday to help his sinuses. It seemed to work because he hung out in the bathroom until the middle of the afternoon before coming to take a 2+ hour nap on me. Ripley’s definitely taken a turn for the better this morning. He ran around like crazy, ate half his breakfast and then disappeared. I predict a quick recovery.