Two False Alarms and One Real

In an act of serendipity, we managed to set off our alarm here on Saturday afternoon. The door from our house to the garage doesn’t shut tightly and it blew open slightly while we were parking the car. Apparently the monitoring company here has different standards for false alarms, because they called the house and left a message, but didn’t require a call back. Not sure how I feel about that.

After a somewhat sleepless night on Saturday and some deep conversation over Sunday morning coffee, we decided to accept the offer on our house in Phoenix. Getting completely out by April 9th will be a huge stretch, but then we’ll be finished and can fully focus on our new house. We made a few minor term changes on a counteroffer and sent it off less than an hour before the 6:00 pm Sunday deadline.

The buyers signed the counteroffer less than an hour later. So, I guess we’re doing this thing. Unless they find something in the inspection that gives them pause. Which is unlikely. The buyers had listed their current home just a few days before viewing ours and had an offer within days. The April 9th close date is being driven by that offer – they want to sell their current home and buy ours on the same day. So unless they find something “unfixable,” I don’t think they are going to back out of the deal.

The only things that I see as potentially derailing the deal would be concerns about the HOA (doubtful) or the termites (slightly less doubtful). Now we have to wait on the inspection and appraisal. Meanwhile, we are heading back to Phoenix again at the end of next week. Even if this deal falls through, we have plenty still to do there.