Anniversary Present?!?

I was in the kitchen this morning when the phone rang. The caller ID listed a number from Paradise Valley, Arizona, so I answered it, fully expecting to be tormenting yet another real estate agent trying to get the listing for the non-existent house on our empty lot. Nope. It was the monitoring company for our alarm in Phoenix. Yikes.

Turns out, a realtor was showing our house and didn’t deactivate the alarm quickly enough, thereby setting it off. The alarm company called the house and talked to her, but they needed our security code to verify it was a false alarm. Lovely start to the day. Despite my pledge to avoid manual labor, we did sneak a little in, clearing out our mudroom, as it will be temporarily serving as the art storage room.

We had a lovely dinner and settled in for an evening of binge watching, when I received a text from our Phoenix realtor. The couple who had viewed our house that morning had fallen in love with it and wrote us a full price offer. Only one tiny hitch – they needed a close date of April 9th. Gulp. So we haven’t even recovered from our last round of brutal effort on that house and now we are facing getting completely out in five weeks. And they don’t want the furniture. My mind is reeling.