Unloaded for Now

Our trailer unloading efforts on Wednesday afternoon were limited to removing the artwork, which will be stored in our house. We both crawled into bed before 8:30 pm. It seemed like a really great idea, except we were both up and wide awake slightly after 4:00 am the next day. Ripley’s schedule is officially a mess. Once it was reasonably light outside, we unloaded the big chair from the trailer. It gets to sit in the garage until we do some rearranging in the house.

We brought the boxes to our storage locker and unloaded them before stopping by our new home to check on progress. Our timing proved to be fortuitous, as they were just starting to install the interior doors and we had some tricky trim issues to resolve. Our massive front door had also been delivered and installed. The floor tile was finished on the main floor. It was great to see all of the progress.

Today our primary task was to return the rented trailer, but before doing that, we used it to take a large upholstered chair to a charity organization. Conveniently, the trailer return location was just blocks away. Donating the old chair made room for the big chair we brought from Phoenix, so we were able to move that into the house. Now that we no longer have to deal with the trailer, the Xterra can be parked on our patio and we can reclaim the garage. Tomorrow is the 23rd anniversary of our first date and I am declaring a moratorium on heavy manual labor for the day. I think we’ve earned it.