So Very, Very VIP

I attended a VIP event at the Arboretum last night with my mom. The event was a preview for a sculpture exhibit/sale that’s going on in conjunction with their spring flower show. I was invited by our conservatory builder, who has constructed a small, traditional style conservatory as part of the show. The event was a snore, but my mom had a great time.

This was largely due to the two glasses of wine she consumed in just over an hour. Sort of a repeat of her birthday. My mom is pretty hilarious dead sober and a little alcohol just puts her over the top. The event included some boring speeches about the featured sculptor (who’s been dead for 15 years, by the way), during which we hid out in an adjacent gallery and cadged appetizers from the servers.

I wanted to check out the spring flower show and the conservatory, so this was a great way to get that done without investing a lot of time. My mom’s hilarious flirting with the waitstaff was just a bonus. The flower show was a disappointment, but at least now I know it’s not worth going back to photograph. Consider the evening a win-win.