Big White Out

The forecasters finally got it right. The massive snow event did not just miss us to the north or south, instead it stalled out right over the Twin Cities, eventually dumping about 9 inches on us. It started at 9:00 am yesterday, so I was able to get through my personal training session, followed by a quick stop at the grocery store and still get home before any significant accumulation. That was lucky.

Then it really started coming down. I pushed the garbage and recycle bins through two inches of snow just after 1:00. Less than three hours later the tracks were completely obliterated. By the time the sun set, we had some pretty impressive drifts outside of the front door. This is the first significant snowfall we’ve been home for in quite a while.

Fortunately, we have plenty of food in the house and plenty of projects to keep us busy. I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon taming the towering inferno of empty boxes that threatened to take over our house. Early this morning I shoveled a small space at the bottom of our drive to accommodate the trash and recycle bins. I’m pretty sure they don’t get emptied if they are buried by snow.

Our street was cleared early this morning, but our driveway is still buried as of noon today. Fortunately, we have no compelling need to leave the house. Our Cayenne could probably make it out, but I don’t want to test it. I can’t imagine much happened at our new home yesterday, anyway. There won’t be any trucks getting up our hill today. Temps are supposed to be pretty warm for the next ten days, so hopefully a lot of it will melt. Meanwhile, consider us snowbound.