Every Day I’m Shovelin’

Yesterday we woke up to a little fresh snow. We’ve only had about six inches of snow so far this season and typically less than an inch has fallen at a time. Our biggest snowfall was only two inches. It hasn’t been enough for our driveway to get plowed, so I’ve just been shoveling it. And shoveling it. I think yesterday was my fourth time so far.

Looking on the bright side, the normal snowfall total by this date is about twenty inches. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m getting fresh air and exercise and saving money. We only get charged when we get plowed, which is surprisingly rare. Most services charge a fixed price for the season. The pay per plow deal has definitely been working in our favor over the past few years.

I did get my butt out of the house for a short photo op in the backyard yesterday afternoon. I can’t say it was anything spectacular, but I guess dead plants covered with snow is better than nothing. We are getting more snow this afternoon and the forecast is brutal, with high temps staying below zero for the weekend. We ran out for groceries and liquor this morning, so we are well stocked for battening down the hatches. Cue the Netflix.