Thinking Warm Thoughts

On Christmas Eve day, the temperature topped out at 22 degrees. That’s the last of the double digits we’re going to see for a while. Yesterday it barely managed to squeak past zero. Ah, winter in Minnesota. So today I’m revisiting San Diego for just a bit. Can you blame me? We managed to have a lovely Christmas, despite the cold, mostly because we watched Netflix and didn’t leave the house on Christmas day.

We made a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, my husband’s favorite meal. This time we stepped it up a bit, cooking a turkey breast and making mashed potatoes from scratch, instead of relying on Whole Foods for the entire meal. Okay, the stuffing was Stove Top and I bought pre-made gravy , but baby steps, okay? We had enough to make a second dinner yesterday. Next time I might try my hand at stuffing. Brave girl.