Orchids for Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m celebrating with some orchids. Because, why not? These beauties are from the Como Conservatory.

My mom and I didn’t get back there to see the Christmas display, but I still have a few images to share from our trip in November.

Speaking of Mom, I have a funny story to share. I was visiting her a few weeks ago and she asked me to look at her cell phone. She was having trouble hearing when she used it and wanted to see if the volume could be adjusted. After taking a look at it, I quickly realized her problem. The plastic protective film was still covering the display.

So she was listening through a piece of plastic, which doesn’t make for the best acoustics. I laughed pretty hard, but, to be fair, my mom is a real Luddite when it comes to technology.

Sorry Mom, but it was just too funny not to share. And, just to out myself, I only recently removed the plastic film from the display of my two year old pressure cooker. Oops. Merry Christmas everyone!