Just Keep Breathing

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. On Wednesday I had a small meltdown. I’m not positive those two things are related, but I’m guessing my mental state had an aspect of cabin fever to it. It wasn’t one big thing, just a bunch of small stuff that overwhelmed me.

Mostly, it’s the house, of course. We haven’t been able to go inside it since they started the spray foam insulation on Monday, but we’ve been assured that the process is going well and they are ahead of schedule. That would be a first. It would be nice if they finished before Christmas, so the drywall can start in January. Bitter cold weather is predicted for next week and we really need the insulation to keep the house tolerable.

The stucco is done and it looks great, which is a huge relief. We really didn’t want to use stucco, but the metal panels that were our preferred choice proved to be outrageously expensive, so it was a compromise. We still have a few sections of circus tent remaining, which will eventually be covered with Hardie lap siding. Apparently, there is a lot of hail storm damage in western Minnesota that is driving up the labor rates for roofing and siding.

Consequently, our builder is having trouble getting someone to do the rest of our siding for a reasonable price. We may be keeping the circus tent look for a while. Meanwhile, we are anxiously awaiting for the utility work that needs to be done before power can be run to our house. The shortest day of the year is now over, so things have to start looking up, right? The photos of Nola playing on the splash pad at Legoland are here to help me keep things in perspective.