Not Waves, But More Water

What can I say? There’s just something about water. During our cruise to Alaska, I took a lot of photos of the wake created by the ship. There was something hypnotic about the patterns. Plus, there were quite a few days when we were at sea with nothing much in the way of scenery to photograph, so I needed to focus on something. Couldn’t let all that gear sit idle for the day.

Well, I could, but that just seemed wrong somehow. While these aren’t technically abstract images, they are definitely minimalist.

Minimalist and monochromatic, what’s not to love? My photographic style is definitely trending towards “less is more.” Less focus, less obvious subject matter, less color, less contrast. Most people equate monochromatic with black and white, but technically it just means the presence of a single color. I think monochromatic color photos are often more forgiving than black and white. But maybe that’s just me.