Mail Oddities

We get a lot of packages. No, seriously, a lot. It’s pretty much like Christmas around here every week. I get text messages and emails daily, informing me of USPS package progress. My husband gets the same for FedEx and UPS. Managing deliveries is one of the things that makes having a second home such a pain.

Most of the time the notifications are accurate and invaluable, but every once in a while they leave me scratching my head. Back in August, I received an “Out for Delivery” email notification and then about two hours later, one stating “Tendered to Military Agent.” Whaaat? Of course I googled it. The status is only supposed to be used for mail shipped to an APO address, but based on my search results, it’s a common incorrect scan by the carrier. We received the package just fine.

Then, about a month ago, I received an “Out for Delivery” email followed by “Delivered, Parcel Locker” four hours later. Now, we have parcel lockers at our Phoenix house, but not here. If it doesn’t fit in the box, it goes on the front step. Once again, it was a bad scan and we received the package just fine.

You know what else is just fine? These flowers from the Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island. I still have a lot of images to share from our vacation in September. Hard to believe it was just over two months ago that we returned from that trip.