B&W at the Arboretum

After a three month hiatus, I decided to started posting to Instagram again. Not sure why. Surprise, my first image was a dahlia.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive seven “likes,” four from people I don’t know personally. My second image, posted last night, received nine “likes” and gained me two new followers.

It was a black and white image of a grass seed head. I’m a little cautious about stepping back into the Instagram pool and I’m not sure if the initial positive response makes that better or worse.

I got some initial positive response when I first ventured into Instagram, but it quickly waned. I need to keep focusing on doing this for me and not getting hung up on craving “likes” or followers. Let’s see how I do with that. Today’s images are a few black and whites from my October trip to the Arboretum.