Old Town San Diego

Yesterday was our second day in San Diego. We started it out at 6:00, just as the sun was coming up. I fortified myself with a double dose of KCup coffee and spent a little time outside of our condo photographing the waves crashing against the shore, surfers and a flock of pelicans. Not a bad start to the day. Since we had a long day at the zoo the prior day, we decided to keep today a little more low key.

We ended up going to Old Town San Diego. They had a nice display set up for Dia De Los Muertos. We wandered around for a while, I bought a t-shirt and we had churros. Afterwards we went to the Pacific Beach Fish House for lunch. Seriously, some of the best scallops I have ever eaten. After lunch we headed to the beach. The waves at the beach by our condo were a little too intense, so we had to drive about 15 minutes to find one where Nola could actually go in the water.

Then we came back and visited some tide pools just a few minutes walk from where we are staying. We saw some crabs and anemones, but sadly no starfish. Dinner was sort of a scrounge since we were still too full from lunch to eat another full meal. But it was accompanied by the bottle of champagne I brought from Phoenix, so it really didn’t matter.