San Diego Zoo

We spent our first full day in San Diego at the zoo, naturally. Since we didn’t have a vehicle large enough to accommodate everyone, we drove separately and met up near the ticket booths at 10:00. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong line. It was the shortest, but one woman managed to take up a full ten minutes when purchasing her tickets. I was cursing my choice every time another person got through the line next to ours. Which happened about six times.

We opted to start at the back of the zoo and work our way out towards the front, so we rode the Skyfari to the far side to see the polar bears. It was a little warm, but there were a tremendous amount of trees, so we were almost always in the shade. When it got to be 1:00, we stopped for lunch. By 3:00 we had worked our way back to the entrance and our final stop was for the “4D” movie experience. It was a 3D short for Halloween. The fourth dimension involved sensations such as the seat vibrating, blasts of air and water and the creepy feeling of some ribbon material by our feet.

It was actually a very cool experience and Nola loved it. I could have done without the water part. We left just after 3:30 and were happy to find that the traffic was minimal, at least on our side of the freeway. The other side was horrendous. We stopped at the grocery store for more supplies (bought too much, of course) and then went back to our condo to put up our feet and have a few snacks.

Dinner was at a local Mexican restaurant within walking distance. The sun had already set and it had cooled down considerably. We passed a lot of beautiful homes and some really high end car dealerships (Ferrari, Rolls Royce) along the way, which made for some nice window shopping. The food was good, but I was disappointed with my margarita. By the time we walked back, I was already having trouble keeping my eyes open. I ended up crawling into bed at 9:00. I am getting old. But I’m feeling really rested this morning.