Rocky Mountain High – 9/26

We spent some of our previous evening reviewing a revised landscape sketch for our new home and sending feedback. Sometimes I hate the pervasiveness of internet access. What I hate more is a 6:00 am start time. I don’t mean wake-up time, I mean have your butt on the bus time. This was our third day in a row with a super early start and it was starting to wear on us. On the plus side, we had the first seating for breakfast and lunch today.

Once again the day started out extremely gloomy. Nola was completed exhausted and refused to nap at any point during the day, so she got more rambunctious as the hours passed. The stunning scenery quickly made me forget dealing with house stuff. That is, until my phone rang. I was utterly astonished to see that it was our landscape designer calling. I answered it, mostly out of habit, but it’s close to impossible to carry on a coherent conversation on a moving train.

Our breakfast menu was identical to the previous day, so I was hoping the same would be true for lunch, as I was seriously torn on my choice for the previous day. Alas, they had an entirely new menu for lunch. I had to settle for the burger. It did not disappoint. Also in the not disappointing category – the beautiful river we followed for many miles. We even spotted a few eagles in the river and I now have many blurry photos to prove it.

During the journey we received the model train engine and car we had ordered the previous day. It was a great souvenir of our journey and will fit perfectly into the trains/planes/automobiles theme my husband is planning for his new office/study. We also filled out the paperwork to expedite processing the rental car we had waiting for us at the station in Banff. When we entered the Canadian Rockies, our train hosts treated us to “Rocky Mountain High.” Yes, I know the song is about Colorado, but it still fits.

We arrived at the station just as it was starting to get dark. The rental car was a new Ford Fusion, and one of the nicer ones we’ve had. Our hotel was five minutes away and our bags were waiting in the room when we arrived. Our “room” was a two story suite with the living room/kitchenette on the main level and the bedroom and bathroom downstairs. Once again, I was never so happy to crawl into a hotel bed and go to sleep.