Return to Land – 9/23

As promised, we docked precisely at 7:00 am. Our luggage had to be left outside of the door at midnight, so we both showered the night before in order to minimize the amount of toiletries we needed to cram into our carry-on bags. The group had decided to stay on the ship as long as possible, since we would likely not be able to get into our hotel rooms until early afternoon. All passengers were given luggage tags with a color and a number, based on their disembarkation plans. I had a moment of panic when they called our group (Black #1) just after 8:00 am, but confirmed with the concierge that we would be allowed to stay until 9:50. Whew!

They immediately got to work cleaning the ship for the next round of passengers. Someone came to hose down our veranda while we were still in the cabin. I had to hunt down our cabin steward (Bangbang) to give him his tip. By the time we left the ship and went to collect the luggage, our bags were easy to find, as most of Black #1 left as soon as the group was called. We passed through customs without anyone checking our passports or asking any questions. There was a long line for taxis, but it went relatively quickly.

We arrived at our hotel at 11:00 and were lucky to have one of the three rooms (not ours) ready, so we could at least stow our bags. Then we had brunch and walked down to the harbor in search of a playground to burn off some of Nola’s excess energy. We walked along the waterfront and came across a children’s waterpark. It was on the cool side, but that didn’t stop Nola from stripping down to her t-shirt and underwear and running through the jets.

The sisters needed to do laundry in preparation for our upcoming train journey, so we spent the late afternoon at a local laundromat. Then everyone separated for dinner plans. Mine ended up being a salad and watery cider in the hotel restaurant. Not the best meal, but convenient. I was in bed by 9:30. Tomorrow would be a long day.