Back at Sea – 9/22

Today was our final full day at sea, making the slow journey back to Vancouver. I later found out that part of the reason the ships travel so slowly is that they incur stiff fees if they return to port before 7:00 am on their scheduled day of arrival. We had to give back that hour we gained on the trip out, so we slept “later” than usual. Consequently, we were finally able to have breakfast in the Pinnacle dining room, one of the privileges of occupying a suite. Same menu as the main dining room, just quieter and better service, although shorter hours. No asking if we wanted to share a table, either.

We spent most of the day watching movies in our room, packing and enjoying a couple of whale sightings. Unfortunately, the movie kept getting interrupted by drills for the crew. Every time they announced a drill, the movie would pause. Nola enjoyed more time in the pool with her dad, while my sisters-in-law both treated themselves to another round at the spa. They came by our cabin in the afternoon and dropped off a bunch of snacks in preparation for our upcoming family game night. We had packed Cards Against Humanity and we planned to play a few rounds later.

The game night turned out to be epic. With Nola protected by headphones and safely absorbed watching a movie on her iPad, the grownups plowed their way through snacks and alcohol and several filthy rounds of Cards Against Humanity. We ended up ordering room service and making several more liquor runs. After a week of keeping our cabin pristine we (almost) trashed the place. A great ending to a great week. We set a high bar for next week.