Day at Sea – 9/17

Our first full day on the ship was spent at sea, enroute to Juneau. We took advantage of our access to the Neptune lounge and went for coffee and food soon after waking up. They only have tiny coffee cups and the machine fills them so full it’s hard to add cream without overflowing, not to mention trying to carry one without spilling. So we followed that up by filling our travel mugs at the buffet.

While we were there, some jerk blocked the spoons by standing right in front of them and then proceeded to put his dirty spoon down on top of the clean ones. He then turned to me and asked about where to find the silverware. Dude, do I look like I work here? Find one of the many people in uniform to help you.

My husband’s sisters bought him a massage, so while he was doing that, I spent some time wandering the ship. They had art for sale. Mostly the kind I wouldn’t put in our house if you paid me. While I waited outside of the spa for my husband to finish his massage, a shirtless man who looked about 10 months pregnant walked by and let out a huge burp. So, on our first day I realized the reason I’ve avoided cruises – other passengers.

Lunch at the buffet was utter chaos. They closed the roof over the pool area, so it was warm enough for Nola to go swimming again, which of course she did, both before and after lunch. By dinner time we didn’t feel like facing the buffet again and since it was “gala night,” no one else in our group wanted to dress up enough for the dining room. So my husband and I decided to eat at Tamarind, which is one of the upscale (read extra charge) restaurants on the ship.

The food was fantastic, but they managed to seat us at the only table where the setting sun was a problem. It hit my husband right in the eyes. We kept asking them to close the drapes and other patrons kept asking them to be opened again. It was comical and annoying at the same time. They finally realized just how annoying and took 25% off our dinner bill. We returned to our cabin to find the evening’s towel animal was a seal, a considerable improvement from the previous night’s lobster. All part of the charm of cruising.