It’s a Really Big Number

My images from our trip have now been uploaded and tallied. The final total was a whopping 6180, or just over 440 per day. I’m pretty sure that’s a personal record for me. I topped 1000 on our second day on the train. Of course, 80% of those were blurry trees. My husband joked that Canada is a native word meaning “land of blurry trees.”

To be fair, they were taken from a moving vehicle. In addition to the blurry trees, I’m pretty sure I have a large number of blurry animal images as well. I haven’t had time to actually review many of the images, just organize them by date. Which was trickier than it sounds, because somehow the timestamp on one of my cameras was off by 12 hours. I was sure I fixed that before we left. Ugh.

It’s an overwhelming task, but I’m anxious to start going through them. In theory, I should have enough time before we leave for Phoenix/San Diego in two weeks (!). Of course house stuff has to take priority and Ripley is being particularly needy since we returned. He has a tendency to sit and cry at the gate when he sees me at the computer. Still, I will do my best to start posting asap.